Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will be new for Measure of Music 2022?

The second annual Measure of Music will still have everything from last time including panel talks, keynote speakers, and of course the music data hackathon/workshop!

More will be added included networking sessions on Saturday & Sunday, time to hear from past participants, a career fair and hopefully the ability to have project participants meet up in person with their groups!

Find out about last year's event at

Why can't I sign up to be a participant right now? When can I sign up?

At the last event, we had over 100 people drop out of the hackathon. In order to avoid that this time, the window to sign up for the project part of Measure of Music will only be a few weeks rather than a few months. Sign ups will be limited and open in January. If you sign up as a spectator, you'll be emailed when participant spaces open.

If I sign up as a spectator, can I still participate in the hackathon/workshop?

Of course! In fact, if you sign up as a spectator, you'll be the first to know when you can sign up to participate in the projects. When you sign up to participate in the project, we'll just convert your spectator ticket to a participant ticket instead.

Why should I sponsor, mentor or judge this event?

The goal of this program is to increase the visibility of data in music, increase the accessibility of tech for minorities, and help build confidence and exposure for those looking to get into this space. If you're as passionate about these things as we are, then we hope that's enough!

But on top of that, we hope that it will also give you fresh talent to consider, more usage of your API to continue to grow & improve your platform, the potential to have a business question looked at with a fresh set of eyes, and of course, just the ability to help people that I'm are as passionate about music & tech as you!

Will any/all parts of this program be recorded?

We will work to get approval to record as many of the speakers as we can but we cannot guarantee all speakers will authorize us to do so, so it's best to try to attend live. All project presentations will be recorded & also will be opened for those that sign up to be a spectator to watch.

I have more questions/I want to get involved!

Happy to answer them & thanks for the support! Email us at