Aileen Crowley [Judge]

Partner, Lark42

About this speaker

Aileen Crowley is currently a Partner at Lark42. Leading the Music + Data Practice at the strategy consultancy based in New York City. Aileen is a data driven innovator with expertise in streaming, marketing and digital strategy. She has a record of success in new entertainment models. She was on the ground floor of building a new model record label, DigSin, then the first playlist promotion company in the industry, DigMark. And the first global streaming team within Universal Music Group. Aileen also developed the first of its kind, AI Music Marketing course last year. Aileen has been recognized on the Billboard 40 under 40 list. And has spoken on industry panels internationally. Aileen’s breadth of experience from artist management to music startup to major label, positions her in a unique way to help artists and the industry adopt new ideas in an ever evolving business. Lark42 advises music and tech companies on strategic innovation, product creation, fundraising, marketing + data. 

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