AJ Abram [Judge]

Chief Marketing Officer, Smart Noise

About this speaker

"Whilst working at Spotify, AJ started the management company, Stone Dime Music Group as a side-hustle, which he eventually left to pursue full-time. Through his company, he manages two commercial artists and consults for artists, labels and tech companies. He's worked with the likes of V V Brown, Bad Nerves and Fierce Panda.

AJ is passionate about driving positive systemic change in music. He’s the host and founder of Wise UP, a podcast that pairs upcoming Black or Brown executives with industry veterans. Upcomers on the show have gone on to work at TikTok, Parlophone, and BMG.

Despite finding himself in the front-lines of the business, AJ's entry into the industry was as an artist, and library writer, with his works recently being featured on David Attenborough and England's Lionesses: When Football Came Home."

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