Alex Varia [Judge]

Alex Varia [Judge]

SVP, Insights & Strategy

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Hey everyone, I'm Alex Varia. Originally from the UK (Guildford, Northern Irish family) I am currently based in Los Angeles as SVP Insights & Strategy at Pollen, where I have the pleasure of working with Christine. At Pollen we run a mixed methods team of Researchers, Data Scientists and Commercial Strategists to answer the largest strategic questions across the music and travel verticals, and critically how those two verticals intersect. 

I spent the previous 4 years leading Growth Research & Strategy at Spotify in NYC, combining data science, data engineering, market research, user research and growth strategy to identify what the next key growth opportunities and target segments would be for the company across product, marketing and content strategy.

Before that I led the insights function at a startup called LoveLive in London, who designed branded content using musical artists / bands for the likes of Levi's and Guinness etc, targeting specific demographic / psychographic profiles. 

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