Beverly Shih [Mentor]

Sr. Specialist, Data Analytics Lead, Songtradr

About this speaker

Beverly is a multi-faceted professional at the intersection of music and data. Classically trained on piano and Excel, she currently hones her craft on viola (mostly video game music and musicals) and Google Sheets. Her degree in Biology at UCLA provided her foundation for big data cleaning and analysis, and an introduction to the programming language R which she now uses to write royalty-processing scripts at global sync licensing company Songtradr. During her three years at Songtradr, she has been involved in the music royalties journey end to end, from catalog and metadata ingestion to royalty processing and reporting, handling datasets from million-row semicolon-delimited TSVs to screenshots of tables. She Excels in parsing, auditing, and manipulating data mindful of its industry context, learning SQL and Power BI along the way. Currently, as a data analytics lead, she oversees the development and maintenance of all rightsholder payment pipelines at Songtradr, and generates personal finance budgeting and forecasting spreadsheets in her free time.

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