Hidden Bands [Startup]

Hidden Bands [Startup]

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Hidden Bands is the first AR location-based music experience platform for the Metaverse that helps artists rise above the noise to build loyal audiences and engage music fans. We combine location based technology and augmented reality with mobile gaming to send players out in the real-world to discover, collect and share pre-release music.

Using Hidden Bands, an artist’s new single can be instantly launched to thousands of real world locations using augmented reality. Players use the Hidden Bands mobile app to find, rate and rehide songs for other players to find - engaging music fans as a part of music distribution.

Hidden Bands increases the chance for artists to grow an organic group of superfans abroad, obtain valuable marketing data, gather feedback and create an impactful launch in a way that’s fun for them and their audience. It’s like Pokémon Go meets urban geo-caching, but for music discovery.


  • 200+ artists launched in the MVP product since June 2020
  • We are set-up to launch instantly in 70,000 locations all over N.America (in every city over 100,000 pop).
  • 19K+ downloads with very limited marketing spend
  • Hidden Bands was recently announced as one of 20 hottest new MusicTech start-ups in the world in 2021 by midemlab

We are an artist-focused company that is committed to creating unconventional, immersive

experiences to help artists in the music industry grow and monetize their audiences internationally.

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