Jastin Artis [Artist]

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Jastin Artis defies the conventional bounds of trending Hip-Hop, standing apart with his raw, uplifting, vulnerable, and poetic prowess. In an industry saturated with conformity, Jastin's music transcends mere notes - he crafts solutions starting with his emotions.

As a graduate of Full Sail University in 2018, Jastin honed his skills and acquired the knowledge necessary to excel in roles as a recording artist, music producer, audio engineer, lyricist, songwriter, guitarist, and voice actor all independently.

His journey in the music industry is a testament to his leadership abilities, with his driving force behind creativity, artist development, and collaboration.

Jastin Artis brings his A-game to every project, delivering professional results with a touch of relatability and a dash of fun. His confidence in his skills and experience make him the ideal choice for your next creative endeavor.

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