Kristin Juel

Founder, Juel Concepts

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Kristin Juel is the founder of Juel Concepts, an incubator and music marketing/management firm for independent artists like Melbourne’s Hamish Anderson, Atlanta’s Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics, and NYC’s Justy. She encourages artists to know their worth, keep their focus and prepare them for a high stakes and data driven industry. She has been a Senior Analyst/Research Contributor with Water & Music (research intelligence for music tech) with focus on AI music, web 3 and music in the metaverse. Kristin is an advisor to several startups including Space (an online place for young artists to connect with their community and fans) and the NVAK Collective which is a web3 label and foundation set to focus on fostering learning of music production with youth in underserved areas of the world. She prioritizes mentorship for young entrepreneurial minds with both Grammy U and Live Nation’s Music Forward Foundation. Kristin resides in Los Angeles, where she is not only the host of webseries and podcast  Uncut Juels, but also an avid member of the live-music-rocks- any-night-of-the-week club.

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Equalizing Opportunity: Strategic Investments in Music's Next Generation

24 February 2024, 07:45 PM
Kristin Juel Nan Wilson Ben Wynter Maria Gironas