LiveSpace [Startup]

LiveSpace [Startup]

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LiveSpace, launching in March 2022, is a seed-stage social livestreaming platform that empowers 47 million underserved creators to build a community online and earn meaningful income.

Licensed for music, LiveSpace is a creator-focused platform centered on musicians and built on micro-communities. Our mission is to empower creators to make a living online, grow their brands and share content on their own terms—all while keeping a revolutionary 85% revenue split (compared to 50% on other platforms).

LiveSpace is built on efficient blockchain technology, giving us an unfair advantage to introduce a first-of-its-kind business model with multiple revenue streams that allow high payout rates for creators. We use decentralized video transcoding to reduce the average cost of hosting a livestream by 90% compared to AWS. This enables—for the first time—a sustainable next-gen business model for both platform and creator.

LiveSpace breaks the myth that only streamers with large fan bases can be successful. Streamers on our platform who do two streams a week with 500 views + $50 in tips + 20 subscribers at $10 each will earn $2,380 per month. LiveSpace champions the creator-fan relationship and puts creators’ needs first in an economy that historically devalues them.

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