Maritt Jensen [Info Booth]

Maritt Jensen [Info Booth]

Regional Manager, Africa

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My name is Maritt, currently based in Accra, Ghana, but born and raised in Denmark.  

I have been working in finance for close to 9 years and with Linkfire and music marketing for the past 3. Since 2021 I have been exploring and observing the music industry in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa as a Regional Manager for Linkfire Africa - A SmartLink and online music marketing tool. 

I have always had a strong interest in the world economy, the startup ecosystem in Africa, and opportunities to build sustainable business cases. The African music industry's current growth and exposure to the rest of the world open up a lot of interesting opportunities that I am amazed to be part of. (I look forward to speaking at Measure of Music that in my opinion have the impact to open up the music industry to even more diversity and cross-cultural concepts and professionals )

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