Miriam Koch [Mentor]

Sync Licensing, Copyright and Metadata Specialist, Independent Contractor

About this speaker

Miriam is an accomplished entertainment professional with 16 years of experience in music, film, television, tech and labor union organizations. Most recently, she has contracted with companies including Spotify, Universal Music Group (UMG) and Sony Music. In addition to being an independent music supervisor for a feature film ("Dating Daisy"), she has experience in sync for film, television and commercials (from the rights-holder and licensee side).

In her music-centric roles, her success was contingent on her broad knowledge of the music business, including master, publishing, copyright, metadata and PROs (performance rights organizations). Her first-hand experiences have reinforced the value of good metadata and the importance of proper copyright attribution, areas where she is interested in working long term. Having previously been involved in Measure of Music since its inception (as a two-time participant (and 3rd place finisher!) and mentee), she is excited to mentor this year's teams.

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