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RAMPD's Mission is to amplify Disability Culture, promote equitable inclusion, and advocate for inclusive and accessible spaces in the music and live entertainment industries.

Founded in May of 2021 (and established January 2022) by award-winning recording artist and cultural activist Lachi, RAMPD came about after a public talk between the Recording Academy and several disabled artists revealed the serious lack of visibility, access, and representation for music professionals with disabilities.

Disability Culture: RAMPD defines Disability Culture as the art, music, words, and creative contributions of people who identify as disabled. It is rooted in creativity, determination and problem solving and is a vibrant counter-response to society's marginalization and oppression, and deserves to be celebrated.

Disability: RAMPD's view on disability is big tent, meaning we are inclusive of and advocates for all forms of disabilities, including neurodivergence, chronic and mental health conditions, all physical, sensory, cognitive and intellectual disabilities, d/Deafness and hard of hearing, rare diseases and the immune compromised. We do not define disability by diagnosis, but by identity, as not everyone is able to receive a proper diagnosis. Furthermore disability identity is not limited to the medical model lens, but expands to both the social and cultural models of disability.

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Participants: Networking Expo (Career Fair, Artist Career Fair, Sponsor & Community Booths)

24 February 2024, 05:10 PM
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Networking Expo: Career Fair, Artist Career Fair, Sponsor & Community Booths

24 February 2024, 05:50 PM
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