Rhia Patel [Speaker][Mentor]

Head of Growth Marketing, Songkick

About this speaker

Head of Growth Marketer, Rhia Patel, is responsible for B2B and B2C growth of the leading platform for live music discovery, Songkick.

With 8 years’ experience in marketing, including running global campaigns and press relations, she enjoys making data-informed decisions to scale and drive demand generation and revenue.

Rhia gains fulfilment in seeking opportunities to represent a range of community groups that are close to her heart from women in Sports & STEM, to being an active member of female leadership groups and the LGBTQI+ community at Warner Music. She believes that no one should be left behind and embraces every opportunity to engage with groups to support and amplify their voices to be heard.


Maximizing Live Music Audience Engagement with Songkick [Available Weekend Only]

23 February 2024, 05:50 PM
Rhia Patel [Speaker][Mentor]