Rufy Ghazi [Mentor]

Music Technology Consultant (Product Management, Business Strategy & Partnership, and Research), Consultancy & Freelance Services

About this speaker

Rufy Anam Ghazi is a seasoned Music Business Professional with over 8 years of experience, specialising in the operations of digital music products. She excels in Product Development, Data Analysis, Research, Business Strategy, and Partnerships in the music industry. 

Central to Rufy's expertise is her dedication to data-driven decision-making. She excels in market research, identifying industry trends, and aiding independent artists with music promotion, all rooted in thorough research and analysis.

As a Product Evangelist, Rufy's career in music technology is marked by achievements in product development and innovation. She has spearheaded the creation of product roadmaps, launched new products and app features, conducted deep market analysis, and developed growth strategies, effectively merging technology with her music industry acumen.

Collaboration lies at the core of Rufy's professional philosophy. With a vast network built across continents, including artists, labels, and organisations, she excels in establishing connections that lead to successful partnerships and solutions. Her comprehensive industry understanding further strengthens her capability to create meaningful collaborations.

Dedicated to continuous learning and pushing industry boundaries, Rufy aims to explore new collaborative and innovative opportunities, utilising her extensive knowledge in strategy, research, and music technology to drive forward-thinking solutions in the dynamic music industry.

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