Yudu Gray Jr. [Judge]

Co-Founder/CEO, 24/7 Artists

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From escaping the Liberian civil war in 1990 to becoming a Grammy-winning music industry figure, Yudu Gray Jr.'s journey is a testament to resilience and passion. Settling in the Washington D.C. Metro area after a life-altering move, Yudu pivoted from a promising track career cut short by injury to the dynamic world of music. He began as an audio engineering intern in the mid-2000s, quickly mastering the intricacies of music production. This led to the founding of the influential House Studios in 2010 with his wife Davina Thomas. Under their guidance, House Studios emerged as a key player in the DMV music scene, contributing to the success of artists like Logic, Ari Lennox, Wale, and Mannywellz. Yudu's work on Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 album ""To Pimp a Butterfly"" is a highlight, earning him a Grammy for Best Hip Hop Album.

In 2020, Yudu and Davina embarked on a new venture, 24/7 Artists, with a mission to empower artists globally by imparting business acumen and providing sustainable career-building tools. With nearly two decades in the industry, Yudu balances his time between making music, running 24/7 Artists, and cherishing moments with his wife and three children. His commitment to nurturing talent extends to his role on the board of the Recording and Film Connection. At SXSW, Yudu brings his wealth of experience and insights, ready to mentor the next generation of music industry professionals.

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