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Orchestrating Dreams: A Fireside Chat with Adetokunbo Oyelola & YolanDa Brown [Recording Available Until March 2nd]

A Talk by Adetokunbo Oyelola , YolanDa Brown and Adem Holness

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About this Talk

Dive into the multifaceted world of YolanDa Brown and Adetokunbo Oyelola, where music, broadcasting, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship intersect. This talk will reveal how they balance and make decisions across their broad portfolio, offering insights into their creative process and business acumen.

25 February 2024, 06:45 PM

Main Stage

06:45 PM - 07:30 PM

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About The Speakers

Adetokunbo Oyelola

Adetokunbo Oyelola

Manager, YolanDa Brown OBE, CEO, Black Grape Global

YolanDa Brown

YolanDa Brown

Chair, BPI (British Phonographic Industry), Saxophonist

Adem Holness

Adem Holness

Head of Contemporary Music, Southbank Centre