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The winning teams for round one move on to the final round where they present their projects again to a fresh panel of judges.


Team #14: Inventing Isadore Noir (Artist Project)

With a passion for tech, sustainability and marginalized people, Isadore Noir is the next RnB star.

Team Members: Nykki Ogbomoh, Davida Pitts, Darryl Connelly Ii, Jordon Williams, Isadore Noir

Artist: Isadore Noir -

Team #15: KIM of Diamonds: Love from Malawi (Artist Project)

Using roots as a way to branch out! 

Team Members: Carmen Ercoreca, Isabella Paul, Kimberley Kaunda, Nicole Adio

Artist: KIM of Diamonds -

Team #7: Vicky‚Äôs Pasion Project (Artist Project) 

A focused marketing strategy & website redesign to grow desired target audience.

Team Members: Alanna Mahon, Arnav Shirodkar, Jonathan Andritsch, Vicky Pasion, Dalissa Ruiz, Kio Briggs

Artist: Vicky Pasion -

Team #11: Adam Srae: The Sunflower Superstar (Artist Project)

A release and marketing strategy for his upcoming releases for 2024. 

Team Members: Katlego Mathebula, Danielle Johns, Daniel Hernandez, Adeoluwa Adegoke, Adams Igbinidu 

Artist: Adam Srae -

Team #12: OverKill  (Artist Project)

We created a full campaign for the EP release for the recording artist Bree on uh.  

Team Members: Matthew Kurr, Joseph Heininge, Casey Seagriff, Chaunta Sharp, Brianna Calcagno

Artist: bree-on-uh -

Team #3: Moodify  (Artist Project)

An app that generates a custom playlist for users based on their mood and current activity  

Team Members: Ashley Sanon, Van Nguyen, Dayoung Lee, Rayn Adams 

Team #13: Gamer Groove 

An alliance and collaboration between video game streamers and music artists 

Team Members: Krishna Mukkavilli, Victor Rojas, Meghana S, Dalila P, Rasika Kale

Team #5: ArtistryFusion

A tool to help identify potential brand partnership opportunities for musicians and vice versa. 

Team Members: Tarik Moody, Adaeze Uwakwe, Andy Chan, Lance Vallis, Jayden Maloto , Lauren Lowe, Lauren Field

Team #6: HomeStage

A platform for local and independent venues to book artists through search and recommendations. 

Team Members: Pia Rodriguez, Priya Kuruganti, Felicity Wu, Julia Perla, Suzy Shailesh, Jade Boudreau

Team #4: BrandBeats

A smart platform that aligns brand narratives with the perfect soundtrack. Team Members: Aaron Dutschmann, Osaruyi Enofe, Ursula Noel, Timalka Kalubowila

Team #1: Resonet

A Dating-style app connecting applicants and recruiters to each other. 

Team Members: Kanyin Olagbegi, Leslie Lacy, Alexander Theodorakos, Isa Ameen

Team #2: Glocalization of Music

Supporting Local Sounds

Team Members: Ruslan Pinskii, Alberto Labarga, Maria Durkin, Nicole H. 

Team #17: Standout 

Facilitating meaningful artist and fan connections through tiered fan engagement data 

Team Members: Adaeze Ezekwerre, Mary Ajiboye, Zoe Halaczinsky, Sebastian Velazquez, Nina Small, Samuel Neal

Team #16: Touralytics 

Predicting the success of artists' live tours based on social media metrics 

Team Members: Sachin Ramesh Mahakali, Angel Alarcon, Georgia Dias, Mrithika Munukoti, Roxy Kraber, Miles Mathiason

Team #8: SuperFan Era  

Leverage deep fandom data through community creation 

Team Members: Imabong Effiong-Akpan, Alessia Pisapia, Otunsha Agbo, Jake Haycocks, Paola Paniccia

Team #18: Famplify: Creating Community in the Underground 

A community-based platform for fans to engage on a closer level with indie artists. 

Team Members: Sophie Wade, Crystani Freeman, Tatiana Vaz Postman, Alexander Kioukis, Kat Huang, Ru Huang

Team #10: GigGraph: Mapping Your Fans, Charting Your Tours

Data-driven approach to mapping out where an artist's fans are and planning tours accordingly.  

Team Members: Samson Adelowo, Siddharth Saxena, Timothy Uwudia, Saskhia Menendez

Team #9: FanSync 

FanSync is a platform empowering artists to understand and own their fan data. 

Team Members: Francisco Gonzalez, George Arubi, Caroline Guske, Manny Rivera, Krisha Jhala

25 February 2024, 07:30 PM

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