About Measure of Music

Measure of Music is a (mostly) virtual three-day weekend program to show the impact & importance of data across the music industry and to give current music execs, music industry hopefuls and industry career changers a crash course (and some, a finished project!) in music and data in collaboration with some of the most influential people and companies driving the democratization of music data around the world.

Championing Diversity has always been integral to our event, consistently featuring majority-minority speakers, attendees, and project participants in terms of both gender and race. Since year two, we've also made it a priority to compensate all speakers and weekend support staff, reinforcing our commitment to equity and the value we place on everyone's time and contributions.

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Measure of Music 2024 Conference & Workshop

The fourth annual Measure of Music Conference & Workshop will take place from Friday, February 23 through Sunday, February 25, 2024 with 6 hours of panels, talks, and networking from 5PM UK time to 11PM UK time each day.

Here's what you need to know about being part of Measure of Music...

Watching The Event as a Spectator

Just because you're a spectator, doesn't mean you'll just be watching...

As spectator, of course, you'll be able to watch all of the event content including talks, panels & keynotes about the intersection of music, tech & data. You'll also be able to ask questions during the talks, and interact with other attendees via the networking throughout the event.

All of the talks & panels will be watched here on the HeySummit platform. You'll be able to navigate between talks & activities easily throughout the event.


Throughout the event, you'll be able to network with other attendees through speed networking, plus participate in our company & artist career fair, check out our sponsor booths, and participant in our virtual after party including speed networking and roundtable discussions.

Networking will take place on a platform called Airmeet, and when the time comes you'll be able to sign up and login throughout the weekend to join in on the fun.

Even when networking isn't taking place, we have a community Slack channel to keep the convo going throughout the weekend and after the event ends. 

Participate in the Project/Hackathon

Want to get even more involved? Join in on the project! Work within groups to create a music data related project in just 48 hours that you present to a panel of the music & tech executive judges. Brush up on your skills, have a finished project to show perspective employers, learn something new, and have some fun. You'll be provided with data, and access to platforms from our sponsors and be able to use any other publicly available datasets and given the support of mentors throughout the weekend.

You'll have the option to work on sponsor provided business cases, work on an artist project (see below) or you are free to come up with their own music data idea as a group and roll with it.

Communication with your team happens virtually throughout the weekend via Slack and video conferencing unless you opt in for our IRL option (see below).

It's a big commitment, not for the faint of heart (only about half of those that sign up finish!) but an incredibly satisfying experience for everyone that makes it through. Plus, the winning teams get cool prizes from our sponsors!

Meet Up for the Project IRL

Those that choose to participate in the project may have the opportunity to meet in-person with their team in select locations around the world.

Details of the locations options become available in early February, but this is an opportunity to meet new people, hang out in a cool office, and have the best of both worlds--a virtual event with in-person additions to make it extra special.

Our location sponsors were HIFI, offering up their Brooklyn office space and BMAT, offering up their Barcelona office space. Each location had two teams collaborating on-site Saturday & Sunday.

The Artist Project Option

For 2024, in addition to the traditional hackathon project, we're introducing the artist project option. Participants will have the opportunity to work in groups alongside an artist as part of an accelerated artist development workshop to help emerging artists grow and develop.

The project deliverables must still be data-driven and will include:

  • A Website
  • Mailing List
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Community Management Plan

Artist Project Participants will be encouraged to not only to create these plans but also to execute on them as much as possible for a panel of judges. They'll be provided with support from speakers, mentors and sponsors to learn industry-leading platforms and  strategies.

The winning artist project group will receive prizes and additional artist development funding and consultation time.