Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

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Mage [Startup]

Seeking: Funding, Mentor/Advisor

Smart Vinyl [Startup]

Seeking: Funding, Mentor/Advisor, Hiring, Artist/Label Partnerships

Casandra Strauss [Judge]

Director, New Digital Business & Innovation, Universal Music Group

Drew Thurlow [Mentor]

Founder, Opening Ceremony Media, Opening Ceremony Media

Ruth Timmermans

Staff member at LI-MA, platform for digital art, Independent Researcher & Writer

Michele Valentini [Mentor]

A&R + Data & Analytics, Atlantic Records UK

Sam Viotty

Co-Founder & Chief Experience & Brand Officer, Rosedale Collective

Jashima Wadehra

CEO, Ode

Andrea Wallace

CEO, Opnr

Abbie Wang [Volunteer]

Seeking: New role or freelance work, Digital Media Specialist

Nan Wilson

Oracle, BMAT Innovation

Frank Woodworth [Judge]

Adjunct Professor, Northeastern University, Founder, Glacial Concepts

Ben Wynter

Director of Business Development & Partnerships, AIM, Founder, Unstoppable Music Group & POWER UP!

Michelle Yuen [Mentor]

Partnerships Manager, Gig Life Pro

Measure of Music